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Airtel, India's largest telecom company, has introduced a couple of new prepaid plans with a monthly validity. These new monthly prepaid plans cost Rs. 296 and Rs. 319 respectively. This action was made in response to a TRAI decision requiring all service providers to offer prepaid plans with a 30-day monthly validity period.

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Jio just released a Rs. 259 monthly prepaid package with a 30-day validity period. Vi has also announced two prepaid plans with monthly validity, priced at Rs. 337 and Rs. 327, respectively. These new Airtel plans are mentioned below, along with a comparison to Jio's plan.

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The Rs. 296 prepaid package from Airtel comes with a 30-day validity period. It includes features like 100 SMS per day, 25GB of bandwidth, and unlimited voice calls. A trial of Amazon Prime Video Mobile, Apollo 24/7 circle, Wynk Music, and other features are available as part of the plan. 

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Users will be charged 50p per MB, Re. 1 per local SMS, and Re. 1.5 per STD SMS once the data incentive has expired. The other prepaid option is Rs. 319. It comes with 2GB of data per day, a 30-day validity period, and 100 SMS per day.

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When compared to Jio's Rs. 259 prepaid package, which has a monthly validity period. Airtel's Rs. 319 prepaid package includes 2GB of data every day for a 30-day period. It provides 60GB of data for the duration of the validity term.

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The Jio Rs. 259 prepaid plan, on the other hand, is less expensive and includes 1.5GB of data every day, ranging from 42GB to 46.5GB depending on the number of days in the month. Users can still view data at a low speed of 64Kbps once the data limit has been reached. Other perks include 100 SMS a day, unlimited local and STD voice calls across the country, and access to the Jio suite of apps, including Jio TV, Jio Secury, JioCinema, JioCloud, and others.

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In terms of comparison, the Jio plan provides less data but is far less expensive than the Airtel plan, making it the better option. The second Airtel package, which includes 25GB of data, is, however, more expensive than the Jio plan, although having less data. In terms of OTT subscription and access to other platforms, both the Jio and Airtel plans offer equal perks. Another noteworthy difference is that Airtel monthly prepaid plans include additional SMS and data perks for a fee, whereas Jio gives unlimited data at a slower pace.