Top 12 Excellent Low Cost and High Profit Retail Business Ideas in India

Top 12 Excellent Low Cost and High Profit Retail Business Ideas in India: Most of us aspire to start our own business one day. However, one major factor stops us from accomplishing our ambitions: a lack of sufficient funds. We wonder how other successful small businesses got started in the first place when we look at other successful small enterprises.

There’s nothing to be concerned about if you’re one of those people who wants to start their own business. Not even a paucity of funds. That’s because India has more than 30 low-cost, high-profit retail business concepts from which to choose and begin a firm.


As a result, let’s first define what low-cost and high-profit retail firms are.

Basically, a low-cost and high-profit retail firm is one that draws a large number of walk-in clients to make a purchase and pay cash. In general, such firms can be started with as little as Rs.10,000 and as much as Rs.500,000. Other retail firms, on the other hand, have launch expenses in the millions of rupees.

You will, however, need a license or, at least, a shop registration from the local municipal body or village administration to operate all of these low-cost, high-profit retail businesses (Gram Panchayat). That would establish your company as legitimate.

Obtaining such licenses and permits might cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand Rupees. The cost is justified, though, because no one can evict you.

You’re probably aware that illegal stalls and businesses are frequently demolished by municipalities. You can avoid such demolition of your business premises and damage to your investment by obtaining a license or permission.

Top 12 Excellent  Low Cost and High Profit Retail Business Ideas in India
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Loans for Low-Cost Businesses

You can also receive loans to launch a low-cost, high-profit business in India nowadays. For example, the Indian government’s Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Bank scheme can provide a small entrepreneur with anywhere from Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 million to start a firm.

Banks that participate in the MUDRA scheme offer these loans.

Then there are the Startup India and Standup India schemes, which allow you to borrow money to start a small retail business. Standup India, in particular, supports women and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes entrepreneurs to take out loans and start their own businesses.

Cooperative credit societies also provide small loans to entrepreneurs looking to start their own firm.

All such loans, however, require that you have all of the essential licenses and licenses for your firm.

Continue reading if this seems fascinating and you’d like to start a low-cost, high-profit retail enterprise in India. Because I’m going to write about 30 low-cost, high-profit retail businesses in India that you should consider.

Every state and municipality has its own licensing policies. As a result, look into these before getting into any of these firms.

1. Tea Stall

India’s omnipresent tea stall is a symbol of the country. If you prefer, you can buy a hot cup of tea or coffee from one of the many tea stalls that operate in cities, towns, and villages, as well as along highways and important roads.

Because customers will always come in for a cup of the famed Indian brew, this is the best low-cost, high-profit enterprise.

2. Health Drinks Stall

If you’ve ever been outside a jogging park in a big city, you’ve probably noticed some health drink vendors.

They essentially provide joggers, walkers, and other health-conscious persons out for a morning stroll or jog with juices and extracts of various Indian plants, herbs, spices, and vegetables. This is also a fantastic business that involves relatively little capital yet yields significant earnings.

3. Fruit Juice Stall

Plus, who doesn’t enjoy fruit juice? That is the fundamental reason why fruit juice stands may be found in every corner of the country. Fruit juice stands are popular year-round, regardless of the season.

That’s because individuals like a refreshing glass of juice after meals or to make up for a missed or delayed breakfast, lunch, or supper, or just for no reason at all.

4. Milk and Dairy Products

Every Indian household consumes milk and other dairy products. And this company never goes out of business or closes owing to a lack of profits. A milk and dairy products business is simple to start.

People come to your stand to buy milk, yogurt, Lassi, and other milk products. Alternatively, you may have a milk cooperative sponsor a milking parlor for you.

5. Soaps Shop

You may or may not have purchased bathing and washing soaps from a market stall. These are items that people use on a daily basis in their homes and workplaces. Because you obtain a lot of discounts on wholesale purchases and sell them at the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) listed on their wrappers, the earnings in this business are significant.

People can also buy loose detergent powders and handcrafted soaps from soap stores. In fact, the majority of individuals currently prefer non-commercial items that are environmentally friendly and protect their health.

6. Fruit Stall

A fruit stand is another business that is very easy to establish at a cheap cost and makes a lot of money. Fruit stands outside hospitals, bus stops, railway stations, and other public places typically make a lot of money due to high client turnover.

At the same time, because people currently believe in eating healthy, a fruit stand anyplace does well. As a result, they eat a lot of fruits in their diet. Despite the fact that fruits are seasonal, a fruit business can operate all year.

7. Indian Railways Agency

Many people may be surprised to learn that the Indian Railways now enables private individuals to book and sell tickets. Every ticket earns you a five percent commission.

To start this low-cost, high-profit business, you must pay a small, refundable deposit to Indian Railways and demonstrate that you have the appropriate equipment, such as a stand, computer, and printer.

8. Mobile Accessories

India’s population is obsessed with mobile phones. Back covers, flip-cases, headphones, screen guards, and other accessories are among the items they seek. As a result, set up a modest stand to sell cellphone accessories.

People actually come hunting for the items, so you don’t have to wait for them, invite them, or advertise your goods and services. And, as fresh kinds of mobile phones enter the market, demand for accessories continues to rise month after month.

9. Tiffin Service

The reliance on tiffin services has expanded dramatically as most couples who live in cities work their various jobs. If you’re competent at cooking and can manage a small crew of cooks and delivery boys, this is a great retail opportunity.

People sometimes use the tiffin service for takeout as well. You might target a specific income bracket or the broad spectrum of society as customers for your tiffin service. If you can run it well, this is a fantastic business.

10. Toys Stall

To sell toys, you don’t have to be a Toys ‘R Us. Even a modest stall on the side of the road would suffice. Children are always in need of new toys, and owing to budgetary restraints, parents are unable to supply them with a large number of them.

As a result, you can create a toy store that sells low-cost variations directly from producers all throughout the country. This is a fantastic business because people buy these toys as gifts. The business is inexpensive to start and profitable.

11. T-Shirt Printing

Companies, individuals, and organizations desire to distribute personalized T-shirts to their employees or members as a form of exposure. As a result, they buy basic T-shirts in quantity and have them customized with their logo, name, slogan, and other information.

In India, this is another evergreen enterprise that never goes out of style. All you need is a large supply of plain T-shirts and the necessary printing equipment.

12. Book Stall

I’m not referring to a huge bookstore like Barnes & Noble or any other well-known establishment in your city. Instead, I’m referring to a bookstall that sells used or pre-owned books. Scrap merchants have a lot of used books for sale.

All you have to do now is fix them up a little and sell them to keen readers who will pay a reasonable amount for the copy. This business can be launched with as little as Rs.10,000 in the capital. In fact, I accumulated my little collection by purchasing books from local book booths that sold used copies.

Wrap Up

You’ve probably noticed that none of these top 30 low-cost, high-profit retail company ideas in India require any special schooling. Some may necessitate the use of specialized talents. All of these businesses are simple to start if you’re ready to put in a little more effort and invest a little bit of money.

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